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Farmstand Apple - White Barn Candle Review

bath-and-body-works-farmstand-apple-small I love White Barn Candles and tend to purchase whatever I see at Bath & Body Works. Even if it's a scent I'm not so sure about... I usually end up liking it. A safe fragrance I knew I would love was Farmstand Apple... come on! APPLE!! It's a classic. This candle was gorgeous... a deep luscious red and as soon as you smell the wax, you'll want to sink your teeth into it. It's pure and sweet crisp apple. YUM!!!

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Old Time Lemonade - Goose Creek Candle Review Old Time Lemonade Candle

Calling all lemon lovers! Do you love lemon scents? I do!! Big time!! I received Old Time Lemonade as a gift in one of my orders and oh my goodness... it smelled divine! Sweet, luscious and oh so lemony! So of course I wanted to review it.  This candle happened to be one of Goose Creeks "Odor Eliminator" candles which sounded pretty cool. Who doesn't need a strong candle to mask a cooking scent or a doggie smell and lemon happens to be a perfect choice.

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Christina's Scentchips Guest Curator Adventure mad-scientist

Hey scented melt lovers!! Boy do I have a fun little adventure I recently had I couldn't wait to share with you. A company called Scentchips asked me if I wanted to become a "Guest Curator" for them. What's that you ask? Well, they basically sent me a ton of spring and summer scents and asked me to create my own blends using their melts. How fun is that??!! They sent me 54 different fragrances to play with. FIFTY FOUR!!

That's pretty daunting so I decided to break it up into groups and tackled floral scents first. The link below will take you to my introduction page so you can read up on Scentchips and my thoughts on the whole process. Then at the bottom of that page, you'll see a link to the floral blends I created. I'm not a fan of floral scents so my creations were pretty interesting.

Read 's Christina's intro to Scentchips



Blue Spruce & Elderberry Candle - Thymes Blue-Spruce-and-Elderberry-Candle-thymes-small

Oh my gosh, what a fun and interesting review this turned out to be. This is my second experience with a Thymes candle and true to their reputation, this candle was incredibly strong but the scent...... Mmmm.... different with differing opinions from the peeps in my house.

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Country Kettle Corn - Better Homes and Gardens

I have been on the hunt for this scent a long long time and let me tell you... it was totally worth the wait and persistence. If you've been searching for an authentic Kettle Corn scent, your search is over... this is IT!!! So freaking yummy and authentic. Like... you'll want to eat it and go buy some kettle corn.

Is your mouth watering yet? It will be once you smell this one from Better Homes.

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Island Margarita - Bath & Body Works Review

Bath-and-body-works-island-margarita-smallHave you ever had a margarita with mandarin and plum? No? Me either!! That's why I couldn't wait to try Bath & Body Works version called Island Margarita. Here is the scent description:

"The intoxicating scent of sunny mandarin, sweet mango and juicy plum with a freshly salted rim." Sounds refreshing and yummy!!

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Cinnamon Scone - Yankee Candle Review

Being the bakery lover that I am, I couldn't resist trying Yankee's Cinnamon Scone candle and bonus... it happened to be a Pure Radiance candle which intrigue me. I love the style jar and the cool wick along with the creamy wax that's so different from their standard jars. Cinnamon Scone is described as:

"Fresh-from-the-oven fabulous . . . pinches of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and brown sugar make this scent feel baked with love.”

Doesn't that sound yummy?

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